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500mg Cartridge for $18


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Other Reviews

I really like this place! It’s affordable and the staff is super knowledgeable and helpful!
2 months ago
Every time me and my mom go we are treated like family, super chill friendly people. They have a large variety of strains and have deals every single day. Ever since I started going to LaConte's Dispensary its my first choice to go unless im too far. Keep putting out those good vibes and I will always come back.????
2 weeks ago
Penny was very patient and friendly. She happily answered my questions and did not rush me at all. They have great out the door prices for their edibles.
a month ago
It’s called a clone bar so I went there expecting to find a variety of clones to choose from. Unfortunately, I arrived to find they only had one (1) strain that I never heard of and to make matters worse the girl working there knew nothing about it. How lazy and disinterested in your job do you have to be to not even bother to learn about the only clone you have?
2 months ago
security guards at the door were unprofessional and discourteous. For such a classy place, I expect better. I wont be back because of the clown at your front door. product was great here tho, but its also great at other places who dont talk down to you.
4 months ago

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