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The employees give it a personal touch
a month ago
Big juicy buds. High quality product.
5 months ago
Yes one of my favorite stores I love The Walking Raven I have been going to the walking Raven since they first opened like 5 years ago whenever they legalize marijuana is when I started going there and I turned on some other friends and they like it too. They will hook you up with whatever amount you want, they will work with you they will answer all your questions and I ask a lot! and they will make suggestions what's best for you & what you think they're not pushy like some places are. I'm not going to say their name anyways as far as recreational goes? I have been to a few places and there weed or flower is top-notch in my book because I am major cannabis connoisseur here and I got a hold of some weed the other day that's 35% yeah granted you have to pay $5 more but it was 35%!!!?? plus hooked me up with two waxes and it is Bomb!!! It does not taste like sulfur I hate that stuff you don't have to sit there and gag as you're getting high LOL anyways walking Raven is top-notch when it comes to rec!!! Only Rec no Med
6 months ago
Seeds and even more seeds, everything here is over priced compared to every store on the block. They have decent flower but it goes for 280. No thank you!!!!
7 months ago
this place used to be cool, but it got bought out by some corporate nonsense. it's too bad because it used to be a gem.
3 months ago

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