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We love our Broadway neighborhood!  Broadway is Denver’s funky historical thoroughfare, packed with all walks of life, and all manner of perspective.  

Our role on Broadway began in 2009, when we were a budding medical dispensary servicing those who sought an alternative cure.  In 2014, we went Recreational and serviced those who sought to enhance their perception and explore the new world of legal cannabis consumption. 

Then, in 2018, we changed ownership to service those seeking the best cannabis products and prices that CO had to offer.  Today, we are here for all of you that seek the best of what Broadway and the CO Cannabis Industry has to offer!

If you have never been on Broadway do yourself a favor and come explore our scene!


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Other Reviews

This dispensary has pretty good prices ( pre-rolled joints $7 out the door, and they're 1.5 grams!) The employees are always helpful and polite. If you're a stoner, check it out.
a month ago
I've been a med patient for years at MHGC, sad when that disappeared one day! Since it turned rec and changed hands, it's not been the same! Prices are ridiculous and the quality has dropped drastically. Had me looking for other places...thought I'd give it another try yesterday and nope I won't be back for their flower! It looks amazing but the dank taste, it's not there, it use to be tasty from beginning to end. Also, they have lost my old points by switching that system up for like the 3rd time! I'm so disappointed!!!
a month ago
This was the only shop I went to for a long time. Used to have the best prices and quality. Now they have raised their prices and the quality seems to be going downhill
3 weeks ago
Used to be super loyal to this place but it has recently dropped off drastically. The oz price for rec has gone up by $20 in less than a month, yet the quality remains the same if not worse. And it’s not like their wholesalers are raising their prices because they are their own wholesalers. They literally brag about owning their own grows! So how is the price raise justified if the quality is the same? I highly recommend taking your business elsewhere. Plenty of other dispensaries have the same prices with better quality. Check out cannasaver, it’a a life saver for consumers when the industry tries to pull stuff like this.
a month ago
Kinda bummed they didn't respond when I asked a question. No one answered the phone oddly too... Definitely has changed a lot and its hard to say its the same Mile High Green Cross from just a year ago.
a month ago

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