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This place was a little pricey and the buds didn't seem like anything special. The service was great. The place was a little hard to find with GPS.
3 weeks ago
first time going in a dispensary today and i don’t know much about anything in there but the girls at the counter were nice, helpful & knowledgeable ??
a month ago
Love the layout and the decor. Reasonable prices definitely would visit again
a month ago
Love Native Roots! I've been to two of their locations, 1 just recreational, the other medical & recreational is sold. I think their product is good for the price, their staffers are knowledgeable & friendly. I use Native Roots to fill all my Cannabis needs. I've only had 1 problem; if bought 2 vape cartridges & when I took the rubber cap off one of them the entire thing came apart. Taking over half the oil with it. That cartridge pretty much was a loss. It never puffed right, & the upper mouthpiece part will come apart when I take rubber cover off if I don't hold it just so. That's the only issue I've had. I'll make sure to open the next ones while in there so if I get another bunk one, I'll be able to exchange it.
4 months ago
Having conflict with this location before, I continued being a daily customer with them. After today I will no longer support this business. My partner and I have been loyal customers to you for over 2 years now. I went to this location today as I do almost everyday, and the customer service was extremely poor. To start with, there were employees from another location shopping there and it seems to me they were getting most of the attention. With other customers waiting the cashier and the assistant manager seemed more into their conversation with the other employees. When they finally finished the assistant manager went into the reception area instead of helping customers. Second, I’ve bought plenty of displays from this location before. Every time they have discounted it even with the discount I already receive. This time they decided not to honor it. After informing me they will not discount it, I asked for product that was not out for display. The other cashier, a female, decided to interrupt and ask what the issue was. After explaining it to her she decide to ask the assistant manager again. As I hear him yell from the reception area they will not do it, when they have before, she rudely address me again stating they will not double discount it. There is no consistency between employees. So with that, being a customer for quite a bit of time now and being treated like that, I will no longer shop with Native Roots Dispensaries.
2 weeks ago

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