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Great place friendly staff great options best prices!!!
a month ago
I've been to this dispensary 3 times. They do a great job of explaining products and giving their opinions about the merchandise. the associates are friendly and helpful. Also, they are dog friendly so feel free to bring your dog inside with you.
2 months ago
Very helpful staff, top of the line Mary Jane and good atmosphere
2 months ago
Today was my first experience here and it was great! No wait time the lady was nice and friendly and my bud was great not dry and i got allot of product for my money. I will def be back here lol 5 stars guys.
2 months ago
Well over a 30 minute wait. The Uber driver sure didn't mind the wait. I normally wouldn't have minded the wait, but when I'm hearing three different conversations taking place between customers and bud-tenders that do not pertain to their transaction... Well, it's time to cut the mundane chit-chat and get down to business. Especially when the line is starting to back up in the lobby. I finally got to the counter and made my selection. 14 grams of in-house Pineapple Express and 14 grams of outsourced Grape Ape. My total was nearly $300! I was shocked by that, because that was the most I've ever paid at any dispensary in any legal state. My expectations were high (pun intended). It was weird that they asked my not to inspect the product on the premises, though... After getting back to my pot-friendly hotel, I was stoked! I was ready to grind up some fine flower and fly with the fishes. My enthusiasm was soon destroyed by the driest flower that I have ever experienced since I was a teenager and getting "brick weed." Both strains looked gorgeous, but the Pineapple Express literally turned to dust by rubbing it between my fingers. The Grape Ape wasn't as dry, but it wasn't much better. Also, it should be said that I weren't getting high off of either strain individually. I eventually decided to grind it all up. I had to smoke two king-sized bowl packs during every smoke session to even feel a buzz. Based on my experience and what I saw from their menu, I don't think I'll be returning, and I couldn't recommend this dispensary to anyone who takes quality serious.
6 months ago

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