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I've smoked a lot of weed from lots of places, but this weed is some of the best I've ever smoked. Great taste and really nice buds is also very clean is my favorite place to shop now.
10 months ago
A dispensary with top shelf product and great staff. Highly recommend this dispensary as a cannasseur!
10 months ago
Thank you for wasting our time. We sat in the lobby for 20 minutes after a 30 min uber ride just to try this place and nobody was there to help us out! Rang the doorbell twice — nothing! We could hear people laughing somewhere in the building. Hope their jokes were worth wasting an hour of our last day visiting Denver.
9 months ago
This place has an amazing flower and concentrate selection along with edibles and paraphernalia.Their prices are super fair and their budtenders rock, shout out to Cobey for helping me out!
7 months ago
I moved to Denver as a medical marijuana refugee, and New Amsterdam is perfect for me. I didn't just stumble across it. I've visited countless dispensaries in Denver, and this one is leaps and bounds beyond almost everything, including well renowned dispensaries throughout the city. Why not more reviews? Simple. They've only been open a few months. Look at their website. See all that stuff about organic cannabis? They take it seriously. If it's not natural to go into your body, it is not in their products. Service? Outstanding. The staff took time to explain all kinds of stuff to me and my caregiver. We were in there forever – not because it was a hassle, but because we were learning so much from them. If you skip this place, it's seriously a big miss.
3 years ago

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