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Good quality but they're catering way too heavily to EPC patients so they never have any green available.
3 months ago
I would love to be giving a higher rating here, but lately I can't even get in touch with you guys. I've been a long time shopper here, going on over a year at this point. This was my primary medical dispensary; I'm a member, my plants are signed over, I normally LOVE this place. Great bud, great deals, great prices in general, I only have two complaints: the first is that you cater heavily to EPC patients, which leads to a lot of shortages. I can understand this business practice, and for that entire year+ of shopping here, it hasn't really been a problem; even when you're low, I can usually get at least a little flower and some edibles, or maybe come back later knowing I could call and see what's available. However, the last few times I showed up without calling, you guys were dry. It's summer, the market is dry in general, I get why this is happening. So I resolve to call ahead and save some time/gas money. This leads to my 2nd problem: you guys don't answer your phone anymore. Starting about two weeks ago, I couldn't reach you on Sunday. Just rang and rang and went to an answering machine for "Regrow Denver", which sounds like a different business. I've been calling the same number the entire time I've shopped here, and normally it goes to your store, Pineapple Exchange. Not anymore. I tried again the next week, and got the same issue. Despite your hours saying you are open on Sunday, and the fact I've shopped there on Sunday multiple times, your phone just rings without anyone answering. Now I've tried again, today, a Monday afternoon, and now it goes straight to the answering machine, again no mention of Pineapple Exchange. It seems like having a working phone number would be an essential part of operating a business, and I'm confused why going on 3 weeks now this hasn't been a service for you guys. Maybe you changed the number and didn't change it on Google? Whatever the explanation, I can't justify driving 30 minutes to your store only to find bare shelves, which has been the case the last 3 times I showed up without calling ahead first. Now I can't even do that, so I guess I need to find a new medial dispensary. If you guys see this and get your situation fixed, I hope I can come shop there again soon.
3 months ago
Jordan heard my call, she reached out to me and made things right as rain, she is truly an amazing business woman and she cares deeply about all of her customers. If you are looking for the best product in Colorado I would say Jordan's Pinapple Exchange is the only place on this list, as far as I am concerned! The product tastes amazing, full and rich, it provides a much needed relief to what ailment might be plaguing you. You see the buds are full, even when there are small buds you know the punch is full! Her in house wax leaves you in a state of bliss, delicious buds await and the flavorful concentrates will become your go to in any situation! I truly appreciate you and all you do Jordan, I changed this review because you made me feel once again as I always have stepping into your brightly painted yellow shop, I am a patient to you! Thank you for caring, thank you for fighting this good fight, thank you Jordan for making your your patients your first priotity! You will always come back here after trying it once! (Ricky, Jordan, please any of the other people there I wish to keep my business here but I am not being heard by Matt with my concerns, requests for holded oz or anything. I am lost for I love your product but customer service will out weigh any product especially for the amount of money I spend here on a monthly basis.)
5 months ago
I love this place best weed in Denver the people are so friendly Ricky is one of my favorites she is so great
8 months ago
Christa is so awesome. Very lucky to have found this place; their deals for members are INCREDIBLE.
9 months ago

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