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Dedicated to providing premium, affordable medical cannabis to patients in Colorado. Viewing is intended for a 21+ audience.


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Last updated on Friday, August 3, 2018


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I delivered a load to these people. Very nice and friendly people. Only gave it 4 stars because backing into their lot wasn't the easiest. Have to back across two one way streets, it's not their fault. Just be careful backing in.
4 months ago
Been shopping here for 4 years and watching the customer service dropped to almost nothing over the last few months prices are going up, customer service is going down and the willingness to serve the customers is like non-existent. Went in today and was told some BS story that they couldn't give me what I was asking for because they don't have the supply problem is I was asking for 3 oz and they could sell me two or they can sell me four but they couldn't sell Me 3? It dont make any sense at all. So I bought what I could and laughed and for the second time in the four years that I've been shopping there I did not leave a tip because of the lack of customer service.
a month ago
Not honoring extended plant count or grandfathered patience constantly changing pricing, Packaging for their better
a month ago
I came here for medical, mostly because they had a great deal for in store credit that I took advantage of. This was about a year ago so I'm not sure if things have changed but at the time, I wasn't too impressed. Their budtenders didn't know much about their products which is really sad and scary when they are dealing with medical cannabis and patients who rely on accurate information. I realize they aren't doctors or medically trained but if I ask a simple question about a product I'd expect them to know the answer. Their prices aren't very competitive but I did see they had some pretty looking flower.
3 months ago
Pretty decent dispensary, best prices in the area. Quality is cool as well for the price. I usually grab concentrate from them hands down best prices but quality may vary. I like and recommended this shop.
3 months ago

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