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Based in Denver, RiverRock is one of Colorado’s first licensed marijuana businesses. The Company operates two strategically located dispensaries in Denver offering both medical and recreational cannabis, cannabis---°©‐ infused products and related products. The company’s principals formed part of  the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board, the City of Denver’s Medical Marijuana Workgroup, and Colorado’s Amendment 64 Regulatory Task Force. This involvement has permitted the company to be directly engaged in the development and drafting of Colorado’s regulatory framework. For more information please visit

Multi-platinum-selling, Golden Globe and Grammy-nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa has partnered with RiverRock Cannabis on an exclusive line of regulated cannabis products. The partnership with RiverRock marks Khalifa’s first such collaboration in the regulated cannabis industry.

Khalifa’s partnership with RiverRock includes the creation and manufacturing of Wiz Khalifa curated strains, infused products and concentrates. Starting April 20th, with a progressive rollout through 2016, RiverRock will launch a full range of Wiz curated cannabis products including Khalifa Kush flower and concentrates.



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Last updated on Thursday, February 28, 2019


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Other Reviews

Very accommodating and informative :) good selection and great prices
in the last week
BEWARE OF BAIT AND SWITCH!! Came in because they were advertising an ounce of flower for a decent price. But when I came in, they told me they are simply out and haven't had that in months. What gives?! The coupon is not expired, and I see the deal advertised often. This isn't just a case of being out of stock, it's a scheme. Bait and switch and false advertising is illegal guys... To be told off and not even offer something similar is just shady business. I came in ready to spend my hard earned cash only to leave with a sick feeling and wasted time. Definitely lost a customer and hope this helps others in making a decision.
a month ago
This place stays open until 9pm not 7pm and carries solventless. Bus tenders are eager to help. Thanks
3 months ago
This place is fantastic! Kayla was super kind and helpful. They took the time to ensure we had a good experience and we didn't feel rushed. Great prices too! Thanks y'all!
4 months ago
Best dispensary we visited while in Colorado. The atmosphere is more relaxed and the bud tender I worked with helped me pick out some good stuff to try. Told him what I liked and he delivered. Made me feel comfortable and not at all anxious about choosing product. Got a great price for the amount of product I bought.
8 months ago

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