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Based in Denver, RiverRock is one of Colorado’s first licensed marijuana businesses. The Company operates two strategically located dispensaries in Denver offering both medical and recreational cannabis, cannabis infused products and related products. The company’s principals formed part of  the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board, the City of Denver’s Medical Marijuana Workgroup, and Colorado’s Amendment 64 Regulatory Task Force. This involvement has permitted the company to be directly engaged in the development and drafting of Colorado’s regulatory framework. For more information please visit

Multi-platinum-selling, Golden Globe and Grammy-nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa has partnered with RiverRock Cannabis on an exclusive line of regulated cannabis products. The partnership with RiverRock marks Khalifa’s first such collaboration in the regulated cannabis industry.

Khalifa’s partnership with RiverRock includes the creation and manufacturing of Wiz Khalifa curated strains, infused products and concentrates. Starting April 20th, with a progressive rollout through 2016, RiverRock will launch a full range of Wiz curated cannabis products including Khalifa Kush flower and concentrates.



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Last updated on Thursday, September 20, 2018

No medical menu available for this location.


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Other Reviews

Over the years I have shopped at this location and really saw how this dispensary lost it cool, besides the fact they lost their grow they started really caring less about making the members or guests happy,now they carry someone else product which for the price isn’t a bad but not so great as you’ll still pay close to $50bucks for an 8th,the door is never opened no one is ever at the front so you stand at their door like a solicitor trying to sell Mary Kay products,ring once ring twice and even three times and you’ll stand there looking inside the glass door wishing they hear you,it seems like they really have no management or care less about your time and if you shop or not, recommend not to go to this place in a time crunch
4 months ago
Please see attached picture of what they are proud to sell. Went in for their "$99 premium oz" special because my normal dispensary down the street was out of stock. I would not suggest going here unless it is a last resort. The staff were ok, the guy who buzzed me in was nice. To start, these are pre packaged in non-see through plastic bags and are opened every time a customer wants to see them. This is how they trick you because you see buds on top but really those are the only few buds in the package. Once I got home I realized I bought mostly shake leaves and stems. Visually (the few buds I did get) its horrific, Light/Airy/Fluffy. Worst trim job I've ever seen in my life. Every bud has stems and leaves covering it as if during harvest they completely skipped the trimming process. There is no flavor other than the green flavor of burning material, which is a simple way of saying they did not cure the bud properly and therefore the terpenes are non-existent. It says 22% THC on the package however I would like to see the lab results for myself because it is very weak compared to other ~20% buds Ive had, and yet other flower in their shop were up to 40% which I find hard to believe. This is by far no "premium oz" as advertised. Ive had better quality flower from Strawberry fields $60 oz (which is also not very good). Lastly I want to warn you about the price, Most places advertise their specials as "OTD" prices meaning "after tax". However, RiverRock South adds mis calculated tax on top of that "$99 premium oz" turning this shwag oz into $125.75!! Look elsewhere unless you plan on paying for their premium shoebox cannabis.
a month ago
Pretty Awesome can't go to a place this in Virgina & VA needs to get on board.
a month ago
Staff is always 100% on point happy to be there and always friendly I actually enjoy going in and seeing them being a regular. Great products! Great prices!
6 months ago
This is the place!!! RiverRock has been AWESOME the last couple of visits. They have the BEST customer service. Love this place -- thanks for the team over there -- you guys are great! :)
6 months ago

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