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In early 2014 we came together to build an innovative company focused on two things: creating exceptional cannabis products and demonstrating our passion and our process for doing so.

We began by rehabbing an old forklift manufacturing facility, turning a dated industrial space into a state of the art production campus that’s open to the public.

Welcome to Seed & Smith. Here we meld science and love in our quest to trigger a renaissance in cannabis.


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Last updated on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

No recreational menu available for this location.


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Other Reviews

These folks are the best. Patient, knowledgeable staff and the best product around. Phil has helped us several times. I can’t say enough about his professionalism. Take the tour! The knowledge Phil provides is priceless. It’s a course on seed to consumption. Amazing people. Thank you!
in the last week
I visited this dispensary yesterday with a few friends and the customer service at the counter was terrible. The young woman with red longer hair that helped my friend and I was EXTREMELY rude. Being our first time there we needed a bit of guidance and she was not willing to explain anything to us. There was a very helpful young man up front who explained the 1906 deals they had going on but some of my friends who purchased products within the deal were charged full price. I will not be visiting this place again.
2 weeks ago
We were scheduled for a behind the scenes tour but when we arrived we found out that they don't do tours on Tuesdays we were a little disappointed at first but they give us a quick tour. I am very pleased with how everything turned out. Brandon was great and they should be very proud to have him on there staff
3 weeks ago
I cannot recommend this dispensary highly enough. Don’t let the awkward location throw you off. There is not a ton to do over there (had a very hard time finding a place to eat) and even just a cool place to look at but the awesomeness of this place for sure outweighs its poor location. The staff are very friendly and make you feel at home. Two things I am going to say in this review: 1) Take advantage of the free tour!! I was about to do a Colorado Cannabis Tour or 420 Tour but it was a pretty penny (I am sure it is worth it though and I would love to do one once I am in a better financial situation.) But I found this and it was such a relief. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information on this tour and learned so much about the Colorado pot industry. It was so cool and I got some great keepsake photos. 2) The variety and products are fantastic and very reasonable priced. The tour guide (completely forget his name) was very helpful in my product selection and I got 30 mg brownies (which is a mildly strong dose) for a great price. You will get a discount for going on the free tour! Anyway, I’d say prioritize this dispensary when in Denver.
a month ago
Usually don't take the time to leave reviews but felt the need to leave one. The tour was amazing and the products are ridiculously good. We werent going to buy any products but then our guide told us they don't want us to leave without trying their products so he gave us some 2 try. We left him a tip for being so kind and the product is great. It may be a little pricey compared to others but you get what u pay for and this place takes no shortcuts.
a month ago

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