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This place has the flame, a huge variety and super cheap prices!!
a week ago
Went in there one time to get some cartridges and they tried to sign me over as a member without my permission. Never did I ask to sign over, they did it without telling me. Caused me to lose all of my loyalty points at my current dispensary. Will never shop here again. If you’re looking for quality medical cannabis, check out Leiffa they treat their patients great and won’t sign you up as a member without your permission
in the last week
I've never had such a stressful dispensary experience in my life. I knew what I wanted quickly. I was patient, but I waited about 15 minutes to be checked out while their internet was out. After waiting several minutes, I was overcharged and when I went back and asked about it, they said I would have show a coupon to get the PRICE BEING ADVERTISED ON THE COUNTER and they'd credit my account for next time. Why on earth would I go back to this place?
2 weeks ago
Amazing selection, deals, and staff. Today, Eric took exceptional care of my cannabis needs.
2 weeks ago
What a joke. Been coming here recently and was their newest fan, had to wait literally an hour and half tonight to buy an eighth. Normally it would be the customers fault for asking 1 million questions and not knowing what they’re looking for while a line builds behind them, however the a male budtender was picking out girls to serve first over people who had waited HOURS. Zero haste, zero apologies to anyone. The whole room of people waiting was clearly disturbed and angry. Very uncomfortable experience for an average eighth.
a month ago

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