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Consistently has incorrect THC % via its online menu. For instance, today going in for what says online is a 26% headband eighth deal that actually in store is only 20%. Happens very often here so just a heads up.
a month ago
Beautiful, Knowledgeable Ladies, Nice selection, went into today for first time, Awesome, gotta check them out, just the right atmosphere for a dispensary.
a month ago
I Am Extremely Frustrated...I Just Moved In The Neighborhood Looking For A Dispensary Within Walking Distance From My New Place...However, I Am Especially Disappointed In The One Strain Selection and Logic For Pricing The Exact Same Weed At Different Prices...So, For More Quantity Its Less Money, But If I Get Less, I Pay More For The Same Thing(Which Makes Absolutely No Sense Whatsoever)Oh Yea, Since They Bottled All The Product, They Ended Up Running Out Of The "Quarters" and Only Had "Eighths"...Yet, They Wouldn't Give Me The Same Price For Two Of The Eighths, Which Still Equals A "Quarter"(Fair Right)Everything Is Already Pre-Weighed Out, So You Get Whatever Bottle THEY Decide To Give YOU For Your MONEY...Also Tonight, I Truly Feel The Sold Me CBD BS and Tried To Pass It As "Good Flower"...If It Wasn't, Its TRASH and Did Absolutely Jack Ish For Me...I HATE TO BE CHEATED!!!
3 months ago
Great experience talking with someone knowledgeable whom I sure gets asked a lot of questions. Stuck with my usual sativa and was not disappointed. Going back shortly to try a seltzer!
4 months ago
Any place on Colfax between Colorado and Broadway for some reason feel like this location gives them the excuse to charge over 40 bucks an eighth. Spend some time, you can get ounces in Denver same quality, for just over double the price of one of these guys eighths.
7 months ago

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