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Alameda’s store boasts the same attitude and selection as its larger family members in a compact location. The atmosphere is built with a high contrast visual aesthetic, enhancing our brightly-lit LED screens displaying clear and concise menus and well-organized display cases. This store’s unique layout and convenient location make for an engaging and visually exhilarating retail experience.


✔ Bilingual with Spanish speaking employees
✔ Lots of parking available
✔ Just 5 minutes from Alameda and I-25
✔ Wheelchair access
✔ Parking for RV's
✔ ATM available in the lobby
✔ Use to be a diner in its previous life

We pride ourselves on staffing the most welcoming and knowledgeable associates in the cannabis industry. Our Retail Associates have a concrete foundation in both cannabis and customer service. Whether you are a first time user or a cannabis veteran, your questions will be answered thoroughly and your needs met accordingly. Our goal is for you to always have a positive experience, both in our store and at your home.


First Annual DOPE Cup

1st Place Tincture – NectarBee Berry Tincture

1st Place Distillate – NectarBee THC Distillate

1st Place Shatter – NectarBee Blueberry Pure Shatter

1st Place Nose – The Green Solution’s Persephone

2nd Place CBD Flower – The Green Solution’s Rubicon


Sixth Annual THC Championship


1st Place and People’s Choice – NectarBee Muscle Balm

2nd Place and Connoisseurs Choice – NectarBee Nerve Salve


CBD Concentrate

3rd Place – Desert Ruby



3rd Place and People’s Choice - Rubicon Rosin

La Vida Loca – Best Tested



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Strain Specific Palm Blunt for $12.95
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Other Reviews

Nicole was great! This place is amazing. So much selection and expert advice!!
in the last week
Great setup. Very professional employees. Incredible selection. Brittany was very helpful!
a week ago
Nick is awesome! The store has a cool vibe, clean modern. Lots of products, even clones. Prices are great, product is great too. Nick is knowledgeable and personable. I made sure to come back while in town
a month ago
My first few visits to Colorado recreational dispensaries have been very deterring for me. Seeing shops sell product without forming any kind of relationship with their customers makes me feel like the commercialization of marijuana is sort of taking away from the purpose of legalizing it. Almost always, the experience of going to the caregiver has been compassionless and is rushed due to high traffic. I am grateful that so many people have access to this plant; I simply feel the traditions surrounding it need to be preserved. Likewise, the community that risked themselves to carry the plant to us today should be honored. Lately, buying recreational marijuana from just about any shop in Colorado makes me feel like I'm going to Walmart or something. In anticipation of a wall to wall, shoulder to shoulder, cramped and corporate experience, I just end up wanting to get in and out as quickly as possible. I want to give thanks to Isaac @ Alameda for being the first to break this cycle by finally giving me a point of return in the world of legal marijuana. Thank you for showing empathy, taking time to introduce me to the modern marijuana culture, educating me, sincerely listening to my needs, and using your knowledge of this medicine to treat my specific ailments. Thank you for keeping the community uplifting and pleasant, as it should be. I'm very satisfied with the products you recommended, and will be returning exclusively to this location. THANK YOU for choosing to be kindred !
a month ago
This is the best and only place to come and get your weed. What a great and friendly staff they make coming here a no brainer. Would highly recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you and god bless
2 months ago

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