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Located just east of Colorado Boulevard on Kentucky Avenue, The Green Solution’s new Glendale store will be right in the middle of one of the Denver area’s busiest shopping areas, and will offer everything you’ve come to expect from us. Our bright, beautiful building will showcase award-winning flower, concentrates, and edibles, and our well-trained Retail Associates will assist you in experiencing the best that cannabis has to offer.


✔ Wheelchair access
✔ Bilingual - Spanish speaking employees
✔ Lots of parking available
✔ ATM available in the lobby

First Annual DOPE Cup

1st Place Tincture – NectarBee Berry Tincture

1st Place Distillate – NectarBee THC Distillate

1st Place Shatter – NectarBee Blueberry Pure Shatter

1st Place Nose – The Green Solution’s Persephone

2nd Place CBD Flower – The Green Solution’s Rubicon


Sixth Annual THC Championship


1st Place and People’s Choice – NectarBee Muscle Balm

2nd Place and Connoisseurs Choice – NectarBee Nerve Salve


CBD Concentrate

3rd Place – Desert Ruby



3rd Place and People’s Choice - Rubicon Rosin

La Vida Loca – Best Tested


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15% Off For Veterans Everyday
15% OFF
Ultimate Party Cone for $74.95
$99.95  $74.95
Buy Half Ounce, Get a Quarter Ounce for 50% Off
50% OFF
Strain Specific Palm Blunt for $12.95
15% Off For Medical Cardholders Everyday
15% OFF
15% Off For Seniors Everyday
15% OFF
15% Off For First Responders
15% OFF


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Other Reviews

Great weed. Not too dry and the price is great for high quality weed. Everyone is always very polite and knowledgeable. Shout out to Kevin, he always makes the process so easy. Will recommend to friends.
in the last week
The GS has always been my favorite dispensary because it has discounts for seniors and rewards for regular shopping, before anyone else also. My last visit I got weed, concentrate and edibles for $30 after my discounts. And every other visit there are those moments when I can't believe the deal I got! I like the Cosmos brand because it is hydroponically grown outdoors and the natural sunlight works for me. This location is right behind Whole Foods and near the bank so I just need one stop for the big three.
in the last week
Good edible selection, at a fair price. The staff is good, if recommend Kevin. He was able to help me find something at their store, which would help my back pain. Highly recommend!!
in the last week
I originally had a very bad experience. I was helped by someone named Matt. He was incredibly rude. Come to find out he was the store manager. I was astonished that someone who is rude to costumers, would be in charge of a retail/ customer service business. I truly hope this is not how he treats his employees. However, I did give this location a second chance, being so close to my work. I was helped by an employee named Kevin. He was very helpful, insightful and had a friendly attitude. I will make this my primary dispensary because of Kevin, and the rest of the budtenders!
in the last week
Great selection of edibles! I was in town for Thanksgiving, and this place was suggested by my friends. I am so happy that I made it to this shop. The staff was super friendly from get go. They also were able to help me find some lower dose edibles since I am fairly new to this. Thank you everyone for the help!
a week ago

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