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✔ Located downtown Denver
✔ Close to Union Station & Coors Field
✔ Wheelchair access
✔ ATM available in the lobby

First Annual DOPE Cup

1st Place Tincture – NectarBee Berry Tincture

1st Place Distillate – NectarBee THC Distillate

1st Place Shatter – NectarBee Blueberry Pure Shatter

1st Place Nose – The Green Solution’s Persephone

2nd Place CBD Flower – The Green Solution’s Rubicon


Sixth Annual THC Championship


1st Place and People’s Choice – NectarBee Muscle Balm

2nd Place and Connoisseurs Choice – NectarBee Nerve Salve


CBD Concentrate

3rd Place – Desert Ruby



3rd Place and People’s Choice - Rubicon Rosin

La Vida Loca – Best Tested



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Other Reviews

I stopped by today to pick up some flower and had a great experience the guy that checked me in was welcoming, then sean greeted me next as I waited in line for some one to help me . Lavern ended up taking my order and was very patient and helpful. It was an over all great experience and the staff was on point. Just wanted to give cutos to them, thanks again
a week ago
If you’re looking for a cannabis dispensary near the downtown Denver Amtrak station (hello, California Zephyr!), this is the place to go. It’s literally right across the street from Union Station, but you have to take a rather circuitous route to get there. Ask some of the locals, who will be happy to show you exactly how to get there. We hopped off our CZ train, walked to this dispensary in about 10 minutes, and they took care of us quickly enough for us to get back before the train left. The staff there were aware that we were in a rush, and quickly and expertly showed us their best products, helped us make our choices, and got us on our way within about 10 minutes from start to finish. There’s a tremendous selection of high quality cannabis products here, and we were enormously satisfied with our purchases and our experience at The Green Solution. Check it out on the map, and you’ll see that it couldn’t be more conveniently located for those long-distance train riders looking for a more pleasant adventure on those twin ribbons of steel!
a week ago
They have great prices and it was an easy to find location however, I had never been here and had questions and felt very rushed. We were from out of town and bought $200 worth of stuff and then got rushed out. Also didn't get half the stuff we bought in our bag when we opened it. I asked multiple questions and got 1 to 2 word answers. Most of which, NEVER answered my question.
a month ago
Dude named Jason, (not sure if thats correct spelling) helped me to extreme specialty product he touted as best in state in its category. True. Great location for excellent variety and service. God bless.
2 months ago
Great place, fantastic selection, however we came from out of town, had questions and the guy who was helping us was not helpful at all. He was rushing us and looked at us like what do you want so you can get out of here. 2-3 word answers. This is the only place in Colorado I won't go back to. Every other dispensary was beyond helpful and spent as much time with us as needed.
2 months ago

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