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The Herbal Cure cleaned up at The Hemp Connoisseur Awards on 12/13/15, placing in every category for flower! These awards are the culmination of many years of hard work, by a dedicated team. Thank you to everyone at The Herbal Cure who has helped make this possible, especially Konstantin Grabak!

Medical Sativa - 1st Place Lemon Skunk
Medical Hybrid - 2nd Place Love Triangle
Medical Indica - 1st Place OG Kush

Rec Sativa - 3rd Place Kong
Rec Hybrid - 3rd Place Frankenberry
Rec Indica - 3rd Place ChemD.OG


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Other Reviews

I've been going to this dispensary for many years, and the quality is top notch. Whether it's flower, concentrates or edibles, your money will be well-spent here. The only thing keeping it from being a 5 star rating is the quantity. I typically purchase 1 gram concentrates for my pen, but they never seem to have the sativas I'm looking for. They're usually out of stock. Maybe that's just bad timing on my part, and possibly they deserve the 5 star rating... But I'm not quite sold on that rating just yet. The interior is absolutely lovely. Modern amenities, gorgeous hard wood floors, and many awards and lovely decor strewn about the place in a cozy fashion. Everything inside is up-to-date, and I typically have a very friendly and speedy service. There's two sides of the shop, one for medical patients and one for recreational buyers. The bud tenders here have been awesome to me, and I deeply appreciate their services. Also it's worth noting that there is an ATM machine inside and they do accept debit cards. I figure that might be useful for people who may have questions about that. Other than the excellent service, excellent choice of music jamming in the background, the lovely decor, and the amazing quality of products, I just wish they'd have what I'm looking for on a consistent basis. Again, that's probably just bad timing on my part, I could always call and ask of they have it before driving up to Denver, but it is something worth noting. Hope this review helps!
a week ago
Seriously high quality products. Not the cheapest but delicious and potent. Stag wad gray during my visit.
a week ago
They truly have THE BEST bud in the city. I've been to several store and so far Herbal Cure is my favorite. Prices or jus a tad bit high but you honestly get what you pay for, so I think it's well worth it.
2 months ago
I’ve been going to the herbal cure off and on for years. I was going to a different place, mostly for convenience, but came back because their buds are just that much better!!! Since returning I’ve noticed they now recycle their jars!!! ?? thanks for always the best selections!!!!
2 months ago
This place is phenomenal!! The staff are all very very friendly and knowledgeable. I have never had a bad product from here. The flower is always on point and properly flushed, you can tell that the grow team do it for the love of the plant and not out to just make a buck. Their selection of products and flower is extensive and very reasonably priced. I highly recommend that you go give them a try, you won't regret it!!!
4 months ago

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