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The Kind Room has been providing quality medicine and compassionate care in a professional setting to licensed patients since 2007 and recreational customers since 2014. We care about the individual needs of all who walk though our doors. We have built trust and loyalty over the years and our customers know that they are part of The Kind Room family. We are proud to be the first on "The Green Mile" in Denver. We offer a wide variety of only the finest naturally grown cannabis and a myriad of different edibles to suit any need/diet.


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G.G. #4 Half Ounce for $90
$5 Medical Popcorn Grams
Last updated on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

No medical menu available for this location.


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Other Reviews

Decent shatter for decent price. Happy stoner. Cute dog that was at the shop and greeted us ??
Only shop I go to. It is both med and rec. Awesome staff all around. Very knowledgeable. Prices are on point and competitive. Atmosphere is great as well. This review has been written after going there once a week for 2 months. Not once have I even been a little disappointed!
Love this place. The staff is always very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in finding what works for you. Unlike most recreational dispensaries, this one offers products that are higher in CBD, rather than only THC, while still offering products that are high in THC. Products are high quality, though, on the expensive side, but in my opinion, worth it! I highly recommend this place!
Great place for what you're looking for. I used to take the candy edibles for my severe jaw pain and they really helped. The staff was always friendly and would educate you on the kind that would help you the most.