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They have awesome prices. Awesome staff and a great selection. Don't be afraid of the line I've started outside and been back getting my product within 15 mins.
in the last week
This place lies in their ads about prices, and lied to me about pricing when I called them on the phone. Then they told me the carts I bought would work with any battery, turns out they are EXTREMELY particular. To try and solve this they gave me "free" batteries (I have to drive an hour and a half so hardly) that, SURPRISE, aren't even compatible. Very unfriendly and creepy staff. Bad atmosphere. In it for the buck. One of the worst I’ve been to. Absolute trash.
in the last week
Great service. Mandy was awesome even though it was super busy. Randy was great helping me pick out my bud.
in the last week
Honestly, the line is always huge when I get here and I am so amazed at how fastly it always goes. There's a girl that works here named Mandy that always is super organized and always gets everyone in and out as fast as she can. All the staff are always super nice even though they're bombarded with so many people and I'm always impressed with the customer service and quality overall here. Love this place .
a month ago
Amazing deals and prices. Only down side is everything is already weighed and packaged up which makes it hard to view the bud in a small black container. Maybe if they where white? But the prices are Great! They even have where you can order ahead and pick up when you get there saving time from having to wait in line.
3 months ago

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