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Always friendly staff that is willing to help you find what you are looking for instead of just the normal here you go now please leave type places that you may find.
a month ago
Just visited from Nebraska the girl who helped us was absolutely fantastic! Also the bud is nearly flawless. I highly highly recommend taking your business here
2 weeks ago
Was overcharged 25% for a product I didn’t want because they didn’t have what I was looking for and was reassured what they had was *exactly* the same. This was not the case and now I have a product I was overcharged for and doesn’t help. It was for chronic anxiety so that’s really disappointing. I don’t have money to throw away on things I can’t use and was trusting their guidance. I went back today to spend more money on something similar, not asking to do an exchange, which would have been appropriate. I asked if they could compensate on an additional product for having been overcharged in the first place. I had my head ripped off by an employee, as if I’d done something wrong, saying they would not help because I didn’t have a receipt. Regardless if they were willing to help or not, this was terrible customer service from the start and I should not have been talked to that way. I was treated poorly and taken advantage of. This left a sour taste in my mouth and I will not be going back. You can’t treat customers that way and expect them to want to do business with you.
a month ago
I didn't know that they offer 'happy hour' savings. I also had a couple questions which they answered as well as showed me what I wanted to know.
a month ago
It would be 5 stars but they're kinda expensive. Everyone in the reviews mentions the good price but close to $40 bucks an 1/8 is not a good price. The weed is fantastic though and the staff was really nice. The art on the jars is fun as well. Still 4 stars after all things considered.
2 months ago

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