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Telluride Bud Company was founded in 2010 in Telluride, CO and became one of the first Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in the world on January 1, 2015. With strong ties to Durango, TBC opened it's second store in April 2015 located in the Cornerstone shopping center at 3473 Main Ave, Durango, CO (across from City Market).

In addition to a huge selection of edibles, concentrates and vape supplies, TBC is known for having the highest quality buds at the lowest prices in town. Our strains routinely test at higher THC levels than the industry average and by growing our bud in house, we can pass the cost savings on to our customers. If you are looking to "Change Your Altitude" while in Durango, you need to visit TBC. If you don't buy your bud from TBC, you're simply paying too much.


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Other Reviews

Stopped in a few days ago from Cali and finally had my chance to review the shops I stopped in, and this place is small, cool and in and out. One of the best dispensaries I stopped in a while. Great buds for a great deal. I stopped in when all the weed was on sale.
a week ago
Anyone giving this place a bad rating is just a bad customer, all the employees are outstanding.(I secretly have a crush on Lacey because she is beautiful!) You could argue that homestead has 80$ ounces but I promise you that the weed from the homestead will have seeds in it and give you a headache. Nothing you get from telluride will be like that. It’s worth the extra 20$ to not pay for compacted buds full of seeds, which is what you get when you buy cheap ounces other places in town.
a week ago
Went there 3 times and was happy till the last time. Got an ounce of the $100 special and should have checked the weight at the store but didn't. The next day I got to thinking how the container didn't look like an ounce so I weighed it myself and came up with just under 19 grams. WTF Telluride? Is this your policy or do you have a thief working for you? Thursday noon time and a girl did the weighing. No sense complaining now that I left the store - Just a warning - CHECK THE WEIGHT AT TELLURIDE. A suggestion - have your tenders show the customer the scale with the bud on it and get their ok before putting it in the container. NO, your scale was NOT facing me - it was facing her and there were things between it and me, blocking my view. I'm sure your store doesn't have a policy of ripping off customers but maybe that bud tender does, or doesn't know how to read a scale.
4 weeks ago
Don’t go here. The staff is extremely rude every time I go, it doesn’t matter which bud tender. They’re all unhappy to be there and help you and it shows. Also, It’s a tourist trap and while they have jars of nug I always end up leaving with low quality shake. Literally any other store in town is better. Homestead on hwy 3 does $80 ounces and their bud tenders aren’t slow and rude. Avoid this place at all costs, the prices aren’t worth the wait or service.
2 months ago
Wish I could give ZERO stars. Staff is unprofessional and rude (especially Lacie). Was told one thing over the phone and another in person. I called BEFORE HAND to make sure what I wanted was available. Was assured it was and when I got there was told something completely different. Tried to call back to for a resolution and was continuously hung up on. My time and money is just as important as the business and I would appreciate if its treated that way. Ended up getting 2 grams of SHAKES for what I was told would be 1/8th of dank flower. Usually go here for good deals but Ill pay extra at Durango Organics for better flower and the exceptional customer service. Will NOT be a returning customer and will spread the word about the poor customer service skills your employees portray.
3 months ago

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