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Telluride Bud Company was founded in 2010 in Telluride, CO and became one of the first Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in the world on January 1, 2015. With strong ties to Durango, TBC opened it's second store in April 2015 located in the Cornerstone shopping center at 3473 Main Ave, Durango, CO (across from City Market).

In addition to a huge selection of edibles, concentrates and vape supplies, TBC is known for having the highest quality buds at the lowest prices in town. Our strains routinely test at higher THC levels than the industry average and by growing our bud in house, we can pass the cost savings on to our customers. If you are looking to "Change Your Altitude" while in Durango, you need to visit TBC. If you don't buy your bud from TBC, you're simply paying too much.


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Other Reviews

I have been to other dipenseries and this is best buds for a good price and it's just same prices all the time accept on every 20th. Also friendly and order online is faster.
in the last week
Wish I could give ZERO stars. Staff is unprofessional and rude (especially Lacie). Was told one thing over the phone and another in person. I called BEFORE HAND to make sure what I wanted was available. Was assured it was and when I got there was told something completely different. Tried to call back to for a resolution and was continuously hung up on. My time and money is just as important as the business and I would appreciate if its treated that way. Ended up getting 2 grams of SHAKES for what I was told would be 1/8th of dank flower. Usually go here for good deals but Ill pay extra at Durango Organics for better flower and the exceptional customer service. Will NOT be a returning customer and will spread the word about the poor customer service skills your employees portray.
3 weeks ago
Came in yesterday and it looked/smelled like a great shop. It was busy but the people were polite and it was soon enough my turn. Unfortunately, I was helped by a stocky man with glasses, he appeared to be a manager. He refused my European Identification Card (which must be accepted by law), so I had to get my American one. Afterwards, he asked me who accepted my card the first time to get in the building. I ain't no snitch. From then on it was clear he was too stoned to work, it took about 20 mins to get 5 grams. Mostly because he kept looking at my ID every 3 mins.
4 weeks ago
They have an online order counter that is never open so when an online order comes in they some how get to cut everyone in line. I’ve ordered online several times and my orders are never ready and tonight when it was my turn, they check an ID and this lady gets to somehow get in front of me as I was literally at the counter. Order was not ready, I hate to wait several more minutes. No fair.
3 months ago
Dont recommend things that are going to not work or that will easily break on customers first time trying disposable cartridge and will never again get one, either the battery I was given didnt work or the tank itself, then the tank gets stuck on the battery and I crank it trying to take it off good thing I got them with my ten stamps. Beside that great staff and quality products normally, just stick to the old fashion dabs and dank bud.
4 months ago

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