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Located on Edgewater’s lively Sheridan Blvd. across from Sloan's Lake, this marijuana stop is your destination dispensary after all Denver’s cannabis shops close at 10:00 pm. With the largest selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, CBD products, tinctures, drinks, topicals and accessories, Green Dragon is the one stop shop for all your cannabis needs.

Our unique shopping experience is unlike any other dispensary. As soon as you enter you’ll notice the difference – no high-pressure sales, just experienced and friendly sales staff. Customers can wander around the store at their own pace with no lines to wait in (there’s a virtual queue). All Green Dragon stores are designed with customer convenience in mind – brightly lit, clean and welcoming. Dispensaries can be very overwhelming, but Green Dragon is here to eliminate that stigma and change the landscape of retail cannabis. No prior experience required!


We have a huge selection of:

  • Flowers
  • Edibles, Drinks and Tinctures
  • CBD products
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals
  • Glass 
  • Accessories and Apparel



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Other Reviews

The staff is always a delight. Product is good and at good prices. Be careful in the parking lot!
a month ago
The people are cool but the weed is extra dry like its always dry always turns into powder everytime , only reason i went was for the happy hour they had the best prices in town but sense they discontinued the happy hour i will not be coming back
2 months ago
I have loved this place and the friendly staff. I've been a very good customer. Until recently, I would not have imagined giving less than 5 stars. My primary complaint is with quality. Much of the flower I've purchased has been beyond incredibly dried out and/or extremely inconsistent in its effects. Strains I've loved from here in the past, suddenly don't touch me. (A recent batch of Berkel comes to mind). Not good when you buy a whole ounce of what's supposed to be your favorite! As for the wax, it barely qualifies as such these days. It used be if great quality and a great price Now the price has gone up significantly and it consistently crumbles into a granular powder. This has happened with the last 4 or 5 grams I've purchased. Very disappointing.. I hope to see this company/store gets back to the quality they have become known for. An excellent reputation must be earned , but also maintained.. Thank you.
3 months ago
Friendly place. Knowledgeable employees. Great service. Reasonable prices. No lines for prompt entry. Large selections to choose from. It was a very good visit. They've gained 2 new fans.
5 months ago
Amazing flower deals. Wax is cheap. Quality product. Great customer service. Only place I shop at now. This was post from 4 months before this one.... They have great friendly staff, wonderful deals great flower great quality product the Edibles are amazing. They've also got glass and other things that you could use for your smoking accessories. they also have different apparel for their company with their logo on it and their logo is something I'd wear on a daily basis. They are absolutely wonderful. I have been doing business with them for almost a full year now. And I swear by this place I will never go to another place. This is four months before my review. Still love the shop! Enjoy the rewards program. And always love seeing the people who work there always so friendly.
5 months ago

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