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Very helpful service. My girlfriend did not know too much and was able to buy exactly what she wanted! And I knew the general stuff I wanted but still needed a little help. Very positive. Quick but not impersonal.
in the last week
Friendly, insightful, funny, great staff. Good selection, awesome prices and deals. Definitely stop in and visit. Won't regret it at all.
in the last week
High prices for what you get. Best quality in the area for the most part, but a 15 minute drive can get you the same quality for nearly half the price. 2 star is given for their joints. Recently got a few joints and couldn't even smoke them. You try to pull and it's like sucking on a straw that is sealed on one side. I removed the extremely clogged filter on both and still couldn't pull. Ended up having to break them open and reroll them in our own papers to get it to burn.
3 weeks ago
I probably won't go back because the cashier told me I was "too pretty for full price" and gave me a discount, which made me super uncomfortable and felt icky. Other than that, the prices were reasonable even without the discount, and it's cool that they make their own gummies, but I didn't prefer them to others I've had. So overall it was mediocre with a side of skin-crawling inappropriate-ness.
a month ago
Great service, knowledgeable staff and an honest product at an okay price. We loved being able to smell their product and understand the different flavors. But they rarely have the same flower strain available every time. I feel the growers are still learning because it might be six months or so before the one you fall in love with is back again. They keep a limited amount on hand so a number of times they only had a couple of indicas
2 months ago

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