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Everyone is unique – We see the world differently, we interact with it our own way, and however we experience the world, Ajoya brings us all together. Ajoya is the unseen bond between individuals of all types, localities, colors, and personalities.

Whether you’re spending time with friends, making new ones or enjoying your own ritual, Ajoya is here to enhance the experience.


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Four Grams of Flower for $40 - Select Strains
Four Grams of Flower for $30 - Select Strains
Four Grams of Flower for $35 - Select Strains


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Other Reviews

Great selection of products thatare reasonably priced. The staff was super friendly and helpful.
a month ago
Very clean, awesome people. Great product!
2 months ago
Great cannabis shop, ask for OLIO products and you will never be disappointed!
2 months ago
Love this place.Smart,knowledgable people.Been coming here for years
4 months ago
I've been to cheaper dispensaries, and unless someone is trying hard to sell out of stock because they've lost their licensing, you're certainly getting exactly that for which you've paid. Being a medical patient, I prefer to get what I'm looking for every single time, and I like for my medicine to last me as well as affect me clearly so I can keep stride in my life. Ajoya has strains like Sour Diesel Deep Chunk, a sour d crossed with a juicy fruit- anxiety free and I can flow through my day, or Girl Scout Cookies, the durban poison og kush cross that changed relaxing with a hybrid forever- and these strains aren't just good, they're the only reason I signed my plant count over. The deals are okay, nothing spectacular, but that's not why a medical patient shops for medical cannabis. Everything in this particular shop is not only the best of what I can find by far but the strains are rather uncommon, super clean with fantastic and consistent effect, and I strongly recommend all medical cannabis consumers east of golden to consider it. Louisville is the recreational location, theirs is good too and easy to spot, but the Lakewood location really raises the bar in service, quaility, and all around creating the only niche I've found that meets my standards. UPDATE 27 MAY 2019: Ajoya is by far the best dispensary worldwide. Yes, I'm going there, because price wise versus quality, these folks have the science right. Love Ajoya!
2 months ago

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