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As the owners and growers, we take the utmost pride in producing the highest quality of cannabis. Our plants are organically grown at 10,200 feet and we specialize in our own, high quality strains. We also carry other popular strains for your discriminating taste.

Visit Nature’s Spirit in Leadville, Colorado and let our knowledgeable staff help you select the best strains, edibles and concentrates for your recreational and medicinal purposes.


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Last updated on Wednesday, April 18, 2018


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Other Reviews

It's now Floyd's of Leadville, they carry several legacy strains from when it was Nature's Spirit as well as other superb strains, concentrates, edibles, drinks, topicals, activated oils, papers, pipes, and Floyd's of Leadville apparel. Definitely must visit the highest dispensary in the country
Awesome shop! Super selection. Decent prices. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Central location very convenient and easy to find. Also cool all strains grown by shop at 10000 ft. You can tell the diff.
Overpriced even for locals. The weed was decent but I wasn't impressed. I want to get stoned off of 2 hits, not smoke 3 bowls. I'm all about being stoned but the dude seemed to high to even work...couldn't even tell my out of town friend what CBD was so I had to explain it to her. The guy who helped me also made sure to dump all the shake in my jar, going around all the nice decent looking bud. I'm sorry but $57 for a quarter ounce of shake??? At "local pricing"???
The genetics here are good. They definitely have some high potential with their strains. The weakness is the grow. Dense buds, old, dry and obviously bucket trimmed. In a small town; when you are more expensive than the competition and lower quality grow it's hard to be rated well. In short, in a major or medium market this dispensary would have been out competed and have closed. Sorry
Weed with attitude. Oh wait, NO weed ALL attitude. They seem to have fair deals..... that they only distribute to their friends. Otherwise they seem super keen on running specials they can't keep up with. Probably the most rag-tag-skag operation in town. I have given this place several chances, veer around this place to one of the other better options if you can.