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Everyone is unique – We see the world differently, we interact with it our own way, and however we experience the world, Ajoya brings us all together. Ajoya is the unseen bond between individuals of all types, localities, colors, and personalities.

Whether you’re spending time with friends, making new ones or enjoying your own ritual, Ajoya is here to enhance the experience.


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Living Soil Ounces at $99
Four Grams of Flower for $40 - Select Strains
Four Grams of Flower for $30 - Select Strains
Four Grams of Flower for $35 - Select Strains


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Other Reviews

Great place. Bud tenders are very helpful, well most of them. Always clean and you never feel like it is a shady establishment.
in the last week
This is one of the nicest dispensary we've been to and we've been to a lot! They have a great selection of pre-rolls and they actually burn and smoke. If you have ever bought pre-rolls I'm sure you understand what I'm saying as most of time they suck but that's not the case here. I highly recommend Ajoya. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Great staff, selection, prices and the store itself is AWESOME anything you need you can get here.
3 weeks ago
One of the DOAPEST dispensaries I came across in CO!! It's setup like an Apple Store. Minimalistic with all products nicely displayed at each counter. Tender very knowledgeable & the pieces were above average. A real treat to for the eyes.
4 weeks ago
Attitudes tend to be light and playful and helpful at Ajoya. Knowledge is extensive and patiently given. From the European, post-modern modular decor to the friendly greeting at check-in there is good stuff to like here. Great edible selection!
2 months ago
The staff is very kind and personable. They always will always have a good recommendation for you. And the management staff supports them completely. You will always see a manager walking the floor and talking with customers. Going there always puts me in a better mood
3 weeks ago

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