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Emerald Fields Cannaboutique(s) are Colorado’s premiere boutique-style recreational marijuana dispensaries proudly providing a wide assortment of the highest quality retail cannabis products. We proudly serve our guests from two, unique storefronts in Manitou Springs (1 of only 2 retail cannabis stores in the region!) and Glendale (open late, until MIDNIGHT).

At Emerald Fields, we strive to provide each of our guests with a personalized, comfortable experience. While we aren’t a medical dispensary, the majority of our staff come from a medical background and, thusly, approach each of our guests from that same, caring position. Each of our MMJ stores offers an unbelievable selection of bud – available for purchase from 1 gram up to 1 ounce and, of course, in pre-rolled cones! In need of something other than flower? We’ve got you covered on distinct concentrates, marijuana edibles, topicals, tinctures, disposable vape pens, vape pen cartridges, smoking accessories and much more!


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Last updated on Monday, February 18, 2019


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Other Reviews

My go to for edibles. Haven’t had a bad experience. The workers inside were all nice and attentive. Recommend for your weed needs ??
a month ago
GREAT dispensary! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff and high quality product. Love this place!
a week ago
I liked the way the store was set up. I believe it's one of only 2 local places to shop for recreational. They have a big selection. It was pretty busy when we went in but because the room is a good size it was easy to move around and look at everything. Bud tender didn't seem to know much about the different products. Would have been nice if she knew more. The lady that checked us out was great.
a month ago
Usually I've had a good experience here. The last time I went the guy we directed questions to seemed really annoyed or really high. Couldn't tell. Wasn't very informative about questions with oil cartiridges. I also never realized how ridiculous the prices were until driving to Pueblo. After seeing so many reviews saying just make the drive to Pueblo I finally did. That extra 30 minute drive was definitely worth it. The customer service was super friendly and informative. Strawberry Fields was where I went and I was blown away by the comparison of pricing and customer service. Another thing to note is Emerald Fields always fills your containers with your purchase in the back. I really hate that practice personally. At Strawberry Fields they show you what they're putting into containers and let you see the scale and amount. I love the transparency with that.
3 months ago

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