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tastes like neem oil: I bought a half ounce of skywalker og and a half ounce of afrikan cookies. i then pressed each half ounce into rosin and the skywalker og reaked of neem oil. i literally can't smoke it. one dab stunk up my whole house with neem oil stank. the afrikan cookies was less bad but they must have sprayed neem oil in flower on the skywalker og. just save yourself the money, time, and health risks, go right across the road. i'm pretty shocked. neem oil is bad for you if you combust it. if i cared enough i'd send a sample to be tested for residual pesticides. i'm just gonna throw it away and never shop there again.
4 months ago
Good selection and quality product. A little pricey, but worth it in the valley, where choices are limited. They do have deals daily, plan accordingly.
2 years ago
Great customer service!! Excellent products ??????
a year ago
This was my first time buying product from this company in this location. Customer service was friendly and knowledgeable. The prices for product were upon average and the selection was very agreeable. ****I was charged for a oil at the price of 34.91$ that I NEVER asked for and didn't have in my bag!!!**** I was pretty confused and upset by I called them up and spoke to Chris the manager. He was super helpful and gave me a credit for the next time I am in Colorado and come by the store!!!
2 years ago
Love this place. I stop by whenever I'm in the area, which isn't super often, but the service is always really great. Friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. I've been coming here for a couple of years, but just last week I bought my first vape pen. Could not get the thing to work no matter what I tried. Just brought it back, they spent a few minutes confirming that it was defective and immediately replaced it. I was in and out in about 5 minutes. You cannot beat that kind of service.
2 years ago

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