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Best experience, reasonable prices, great customer service. Love the broad selection they have. Looking forward to returning on my next visit.
in the last week
Best place in Denver area to buy recreational marijuana. Awesome employees and very competitive pricing. A must stop and see place if your ever in the Denver area.
2 weeks ago
If your looking for options, I mean truly looking for a variety of choices of flower, this is the place for you. They have enough to to keep you preoccupied for while. Deals on lots of different things. Friendly staff, knowledgeable and professional and well organized. Couldn't have had a better experience. Thanks.
a month ago
Comes down to personal preference. If you know exactly what you want then this is probably a great place for you. I prefer green solution mainly because I feel it to be a little more welcoming. The employees aren't bad but don't seem nearly as interested. Again, it depends on what sort of customer you are.
a month ago
Good selection but very overpriced once tax is added . Both times I’ve walked out with an Oz nearly costing $300 (Rec). Out of state street prices (for those of you who aren’t aware ). You walk into Lucy sky and buy an Oz for $105$ out the door ! There’s roughly a 3-5% difference in the thc .. I’ll happily skip this place next time . Don’t get ripped off up here . So many dispensaries here take advantage of tourist . It takes maybe $30 (if that) to grow an Oz of weed between lights and nutrients .. Someone is def getting rich off of stupidity & ignorance ..
2 months ago

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