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Growhouse Nederland (aka Growhouse Ned) is located in Nederland, CO.  You can find Growhouse Ned by driving the beautiful Boulder Canyon about 30 minutes west of Boulder.  Like Nederland, Growhouse Ned is known for its funky vibe and open atmosphere.  

Growhouse Ned prides itself on offering residents and visitors a wide variety of smokeables, edibles, and topicals.  Whether you're looking for an Incredibles Bar before hitting the slopes at Eldora or a gram of Sour Diesel for relaxing by the fireplace, we have what you are looking for.  What better way to kick off a killer weekend outdoors than stopping by Growhouse Ned?  


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Last updated on Saturday, October 14, 2017


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Other Reviews

I went into the growhouse to check out their $1 joint deal. Their customer service and bud quality is absolutely amazing. I was politely greeted at the door and was quickly helped by a budtender. After inquiring about their deals, I got two of the $1 specials. I was not disappointed in the herb, definitely some of the best I've smoked. I definitely plan on visiting the growhouse whenever I pass through Nederland.
Great business! The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I definitely recommend checking them out.
Best flower hands down mic drop.
Huge selection and friendly staff. Great happy hour.
Nice flower...good service..perfect in the ned...