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IgadI is a full spectrum Cannabis Company dedicated to creating the ultimate experience by producing High Quality Products through Transparency and Education. IgadI demonstrates a devotion to innovation by applying scientific knowledge to each product line to create a unique and educational experience for our customers.

IgadI’s Headquarters in Tabernash, Colorado showcases the largest observable marijuana grow in the world. This state of the art grow features a waiting room with viewership into the three stages of expert plant cultivation. The retail space includes a view into our professional edibles kitchen in addition to providing educational information on all of the processes occurring behind scenes at the IgadI facility.

IgadI operates every license available in the Colorado market and produces a variety of product lines including Gummies, Baked Goods, Concentrates, and Cartridges. Our products are available all over Colorado from Denver to the Western Slopes. Whether you get our products from an official IgadI Location or any of our dispensing partners around the state we hope that you have an amazing cannabis experience and we look forward to re-imagining cannabis with you.


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Other Reviews

These people are awesome! I can walk in, describe what I need and get no more than two to three perfect options laid out in seconds! I will never go anywhere else again because of how well they treat us and answer my questions! I also love their prices!
a week ago
Not the best selection of flower but the staff is awesome.mostly native too. Considering the history behind rec marijuana and Colorado I feel like natives should be the only ones in the dispensary but that's just me nothing against all the other THC enthusiast.
a week ago
I used to be a huge fan of this place, especially since I live right next to the place. But in the last few months the quality of flower has gone down significantly, matched with a price raise. I’ve been pretty disappointed, hopefully something changes soon. I’d love to take my business back there.
a month ago
Every IgadI I've visited only has improved time over time. They get more organized after each visit and the rewards are great for medicinal or rec. Staff is always fun and knowledgeable. This specific location is newer than where i traveled before to broomfield location. Either location is worth the travel and their prices are much much more competitive than any neighboring dispensaries nearby.
a month ago
Best buds in town. Huge beautiful nuggets. Slightly pricey at times but we call this place our favorite.
2 months ago

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