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Good quality for there prices.Friendly staff.Convenient location.Usually pretty busy.Have a drive thru located of property that offers added convenience and extended hours on certain days only.
tumbleweed cheated me. They did not fill one of my containers yet labeled it put it in the bag and charge me for it. I didn't open it until I was so far down the road that it was impossible to return for $25 credit. I call and the manager reviewed the video. The manager John said that the video showed that everything was filled correctly. I asked him to review the end of the sale when the sales person next to us grabbed the jars to show someone else. he would not go back and review the video again, then I asked him if I came back and showed him the empty container wouldn't do any good, and he said no that the video never lies. Well the folks at that store lied and cheated. I will never go back there again. There's a really good spot right across the street. do not be fooled by a fancy drive-through. Go across the street and get your moneys worth.
Always have a great experience when I come here. Great prices. The staff is always friendly. I drive 35 minutes one way just to get great prices and great quality. This is my number 1 store.
It's a dispensary and I used to go but every time I come for my wax they are out. Then they used to hook it up! Not anymore the last one I got I called to see if they had before I drove. But the last one looked half the size of the other ones they used to see but same container. Same stuff just cheating you. Across the interstate is the better dispensary. I no longer go and had to wait fifteen minutes the last time I was there. Not the other one and been fifteen times and better selection and prices. Plus a reward program.
Most helpful and friendly people I know. Great products, Very reasonably priced. I travel 45 min. Just to go there.

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