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Ridgway, CO 's Premier Cannabis Shop, Fiddler's Green is a small, family owned Dispensary.  We are dedicated to providing customers on the Western Slope with the Highest quality cannabis at an unbeatable price. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist and answer any questions. We look forward to seeing you!


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Other Reviews

Love the people, the flower and other products available. I will always go here.
Nice helpful staff, didnt feel intimidated. Thanks guys
Turning 21 years old on may 22, 2018. I have never waited so long to turn 21 years old. Can't wait to come in here on my 21st birthday
I recently moved to the area from Cortez, Co. In Cortez I enjoyed being a customer at a local Cortez dispensary. My first time going into Fiddlers Green was just a few days ago. Although I am unable to give a review about the product I can say the staff was very professional when they informed me that I.D. had expired. I'm 55, and likely look it, but I completely understand the regs these businesses have to adhere to. I only wish there would be some other system in our country besides having to deal with an I.D. that expires. 1 second before midnight the day before my ID expired I was a 55 year old guy, then at midnight... I turned into nobody, even though I remain the same dude I was before I disappeared due to a govt expiration date on a revenue generating ID card. I look forward to doing business with you at Fiddlers Green once I am once again legally an old dude. When that happens I will post a review about your business and the experience in your store.
I've never had a bad experience with the folks or the product at Fiddler's, the environment is inviting and comfortable, lots of smiling faces and great conversation, and I always leave with exactly what I was looking for.