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We are a premium medical and recreational dispensary located in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. All of our cannabis is grown locally in soil without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or animal by-products, just as Mother Nature intended. Our state-of- the-art growing facilities allow us to ensure high potency and high quality buds that retain their natural smell and flavor profile. We believe in growing cannabis that is not harmful to our bodies or the earth.

We proudly carry a wide variety of edibles, topicals, medicinal products, vapor products, concentrates, and CBD products. Stop by Golden Leaf today. Our friendly Budtenders will be happy to help you find the best products for your cannabis needs!


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Other Reviews

Great selection,great prices, and friendly staff!
2 weeks ago
Golden Leaf gets 5 stars!! Funny to read former employee reviews.. doesn't seem like your PERSONAL attack really matters.. Golden Leaf has great buds, great people, and great vibes!! If your in Steamboat go check em out!!
a month ago
Staff, especially Chloe are knowledgeable and friendly! Prices a little high-- but they do have some good sales!
a month ago
Wonderful staff! The women that served me was amazingly polite and so nice! Prices are not bad at all figuring I just moved from a less open minded state. I will definitely return! Oh and the security is finr and id checks were done unlike said in a previoud post, they most definitely check all ids
4 months ago
Horrible dispensary. Neither side offers discounts for veterans. I'm a med patient and have been to plenty of dispensaries. The Med side the girl helping me wasn't helpful at all. I went to the rec side and the girl that helped me was way more helpful. Let me state this again neither side offers a discount for veterans. When I told them I hadn't registered my plants to be grown there were no discounts offered. The plan for when they grow your plants is horrible and would only work if go to that dispensary at least once a month and spent X amount of dollars. Security is non-existent. Neither side has some one check your ID and card. While I was there an underage nonmedical card person went into the medical side. I highly recommend you go else where to get any medication or recreational herb. Only go here if you're willing to pay more, get helped by less then helped people and willing to put up with more then lax security.
6 months ago