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Telluride, Colorado’s leading medical marijuana dispensary in variety and quality. We are the provider of the finest, most reasonably priced, diverse marijuana medicines and products to serve your medical needs. In addition to our medicine we have a selection of books and artwork to educate and enlighten you.

The Telluride Green room strives to provide the highest quality medicinal marijuana available, in many forms to suit your individual needs. With service to match, we are a rTGR Xmas 2010 regionally based company, dedicated to buying locally, whenever possible, and bringing the best solutions our region has to offer it’s residents and visitors.

We are just finishing up our new website, so please check by soon for changes and check back often thereafter for updates, information and new products.

In the meantime, drop by and check out all our fine products and we’ll take care of you. Thanks for visiting our site.


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Other Reviews

Went to Telluride Green Room and picked up some preroll and a couple of grams of flowers. This product is unflushed chemical garbage. For any novice smokers the "flush" in the last 2-3 weeks of growing the plants should be the grower giving the plants plain water to help flush out the salts and chemicals (from fertilizer) from the plants, this gives the flowers a smooth chemical free smoke. Whoever grew this from TGR didnt flush, at all. The bud burns black and hardens up when smoked. 2 days of smoking these flowers and I threw it all away. Smoking Telluride Green Room flower had me coughing up black phlegm. You should be ashamed of your grow game TGR...I know novice 1-2 year growers that understand the importance of a flush and who can grow smoother, safer weed than this. You guys gotta learn to flush your plants and stop being so greedy by fertilizing non-stop. The different flower strains also all took on a very similar appearance. Blue Dream, Chemmy Jones, GG#4, Jabberwocky strains I purchased all looked very similar in appearance. This (in my experience) is a tell tale sign of over fertilization throughout the grow, which wreaks havoc on the diversity of the strains and mutes the important defining characteristics of the strain. Found several seeds in the flower too, the jabberwocky, chemmy jones, and gg#4 all had seeds in the flowers. This is just absolutely unacceptable to be serving med patients this garbage, seeded, chemical flower. This flower is not safe to smoke and I would recommend strongly to go to another dispensary in town. *Edited my review because it was not showing publicly. I removed some possible wording that might have caused flagging filter from Google*
3 months ago
I’m a patient in Michigan and not only does this place’s weed burn black since it’s unflushed and filled with chemicals it also doesn’t understand how a MI ID works. They confiscated my friends valid ID & called the cops. Lied about taking the ID to the sheriff. Then said it randomly popped up behind the counter snapped in half. He then proceeded to tape the ID back together and gave it back to my friend. All the while the store rep refused to identify himself even with a first name and initially kicking & locking us out until the sheriff showed up.
5 months ago
This establishment sold me product that not only was Unflushed and riddin with chemicals but also lied about taking and breaking my ID then taped it back together and gave it back when the officer insisted they had it. Also the manager at the time would not identify himself on camera. If you are truly looking for cannabis that is properly taken care of PLEASE LOOK ELSE WHERE! If you are the owner at this shop I would try to contact me as soon as possible.
4 months ago
Have to be honest. Awful product, awful people & service. I’ve been able to smoke weed for years and this place sells you weed that burns black. To the novice, that means that the bud has not been properly flushed and full of nutrients (many times synthetic) and chemicals. This is very harmful and they should be incredibly disappointed. Their bud tenders are awful people who snapped my buddies ID, lied about it (to the cops too) and then proceeded to hand him back a taped up ID because he had snapped it when locking them out. If you’re then owner of this business, I’d contact my friend as soon as possible. :)
5 months ago
Very dissapointing to say the least. I heard great stories but unfortunately that was not my experience. As a patient and card holder in MI I was expecting a little better quality but this was not what I received. Aside from the lack of customer service and disrespect towards my caregiver for having a cheuffers licesnce and being denied; needless to say the quality is far from what I would call medication. Not flushed properly and you can taste the chemicals. If you are looking for good bud I would avoid this place and look elsewhere.
5 months ago

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