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Blown away! The quality of flower and knowledge of the staff are both Top notch. I came in with so many questions and they simplified everything and pointed me to the Hashplant, my new favorite strain! It's soooooo good. I have never felt inclined to leave a review in my life but this place has truly earned my respect and business. Won't be shopping anywhere else ever again.
a week ago
This is the best dispensary ever, so upscale and a pleasure to shop. The reception area has a huge window looking into the grow house full of beautiflly thriving plants. The actual store is bright and has a fantastic selection of products, complete with a digital menu. Macklin was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He suggested products after asking me what effect I was looking for. I can tell you his advise, (now that I've had chance to try what I bought) was spot on. No one is uptight or overly serious, just a really nice place to do business. Thank you.
3 months ago
Best dispensary I know of. Every single person is very knowledgeable and awesome to work with! UPDATE: (Bout a year later) went back here and it's still awesome! I wanna say his name was Mathew (clinton)? Tall guy with a 1 yo dog. Awesome worker. Very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He made my time there better. Shout out to Matt, and his dog!
2 months ago
This dispensary is the coolest in Eagle county, for sure. Seeing the plants in the grow and being able to pick a nug before it's harvested is really sweet! The selection is fantastic, and the staff is very knowledgeable. Brooke (the cute chic with the blue hair) really knows her stuff, and always has a contagious smile on her face! I HIGHLY recommend this place!
3 months ago
I've been to dispensaries all over Colorado, Oregon, and California. I have never had a better experience. I was never once told to eat fats with my edibles. That changed my life! Very professional and very knowledgeable staff. It's like a weed museum. The waiting room has a massive grow with 100 plants or more that you can look into. The coolest sight ever if you've never seen a live plant.
3 months ago

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