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Sweet Leaf Pioneer is a medical and recreational marijuana provider in Eagle, Colorado. Conveniently located near the Eagle County Regional Airport, Sweet Leaf Pioneer is your one stop shop for all your marijuana dispensary needs. With a full selection of top tier buds, edibles, drinks and personal care items, Sweet Leaf Pioneer will start your stay in Colorado off the right way.  

Sweet Leaf Pioneer is also home to the tastiest flowers for local medical and recreational users. They offer Daily Member Deals and price breaks on just about everything in the store. Earn points as you buy and Sweet Leaf Pioneer will reward its loyal customer base.

Whether you're headed up valley to Vail or Beaver Creek, or headed down valley toward Aspen and Snowmass, be sure to stop by this marijuana dispensary to gather the necessities for a true Colorado vacation.


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Last updated on Thursday, January 10, 2019


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Other Reviews

the best dispensary ive ever been to. I compare every one to sweet leaf and few hold up. this place feels like a shop should.
2 weeks ago
Amazing staff! Great selection. Feels like walking into a room of friends everytime.
2 weeks ago
Sweet leaf is first rate. I’m an assistant to the Wailers Band sweet leaf took on a roll as sponsors during are show in eagle last summer and treated us very well. The selection of product was first rate and service was spectacular. Regards, Zachary Mancuso
3 weeks ago
This is a new edit a little under a week from the last visit, i was just in at 620 and I felt like the lady there was a little unprofessional about our situation, calling the other medical dispensary I was signed up at "retarded" because she didnt understand what they were trying to say when I kept repeating they said I should be good after 30 days from when I signed up if I wanted to sign with them. She took 2 other customers before me when the call wasnt even 60 seconds of can he sign over or not. And than proceeding going on how she knew more than what I was saying and that I was basically wrong and my dispensary was retarded. I dont mind being wrong, but theres a certain way to acknowledge someone about it instead of being snobby. So she basically wasted my time when we couldve got it over and done within a matter of 5 min from walking in. Whoever this lady is needs to learn how to approach other people like the AWESOME david at the store. . . . . . . Probably THEE best dispensary I've been too in CO! David there was a great help! He helped me look through many great selections of concentrates until we found the right 2. I've never felt so welcome at a dispensary and I live in colorado springs where I go to very many different ones! He most definitely went above and beyond, I almost felt like we knew each other forever! Other than david being so awesome, they've got a great selection of concentrates here a little over priced but fire, so make sure to spoil yourself and the flower is also alright quality as well, a little on the higher pricing side for the ounces and half ounces but being the only dispensary near makes it understandable !
a month ago